Freedom of Access to Information and Resources

We’re campaigning for a fair, open, democratic society where information can be accessed by everyone.

FAIR is lobbying on a number of issues which affect Australia's library and information sector including copyright law reform, cybersafety and the problems with internet filtering, digitising our nation’s history, encouraging children to read, evidence-based decisions in law, health and business, evidence-based policy making, learning at any age, qualified library staff in schools, supporting Australia's book industry and well funded public libraries.

Join FAIR: Advocacy for the library and information sector

Monday, 2 February, 2015

FAIR is a major new initiative from the Australian Library and Information Association (ALIA).

FAIR stands for Freedom of Access to Information and Resources (FAIR). Fairness underpins the professional ethos of the library and information sector and it’s this value that sets us apart from other organisations that occupy a similar space. People can buy books from bookshops, they can search for answers through Google, they can meet in a wifi-enabled cafe, but none of these other providers of content, information, space and technology come with the same brand of equity and fairness that is provided by libraries.