Australian Library and Information Association


ALIA has been the peak body for library and information professionals since 1937. We are a not-for-profit 5000-strong member organisation made up of libraries and information services and the people who work in them. We are governed by an elected Board and our office is at ALIA House, Deakin, a short distance from Parliament House in the ACT.

We play an important role in education and training, and are responsible for accrediting library and information courses offered by Australian universities, TAFEs and private institutions. We publish two scholarly journals, Australian Library Journal and Australian Academic and Research Libraries, with an international audience. We run major national conferences, and in May each year we organise Library and Information Week and National Simultaneous Storytime, the latter involving nearly half a million children. 

Of course, we also lobby and advocate for Freedom of Access to Information and Resources, and we created FAIR to give people a way to actively support all kinds of libraries including public, school, TAFE, university, health, law, business, government as well as our National and State Libraries.

FAIR supports the first object in ALIA's Constitution: 'to promote the free flow of information and ideas in the interest of all Australians and a thriving culture, economy and democracy.'



FAIR is an initiative of ALIA and is managed with the same rigour and openess we apply to our other activities.

From time to time we will ask FAIR supporters to donate to the campaign through the Association. Funds raised in this way by ALIA will be ringfenced for FAIR and we will publish reports on this website to show how much has been donated and how the donations have been spent.

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Australian Library and Information Association

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