Cinnamon Sandwich and Toffee

Where are they from?

John Hoyle collection

What's the story?

The National Library of Australia put us in touch with Sydney-based John Hoyle, Australian cookery bibliographer extraordinaire. John has had a lifelong interest in cookery and has a collection of about 40 manuscript cookery books. His annotated bibliography of Australian domestic cookery books is a testament to his methodical approach.

Let's make them

Cinnamon Sandwich  


1lb flour

0.25 lb lard

1 teaspoon baking powder

1 cup milk


Mix together and roll out like scones. After it is baked, split it and spread on the cut side the mixture of:

Ingredients for filling

0.75 cup sugar

Dessertspoon ground cinnamon

A lump of butter, all well mixed


Press the two pieces together again and cut up in small blocks.



2 cups sugar

1 cup water

Little vinegar

Little vanilla essence


Boil but do not stir, add piece of butter and half a teaspoon of cream tartar. Boil until set. Butter plate well and put almonds on. Pour toffee over almonds when cooked and let set.