FAIR partners

Then Australian Library and Information Association runs FAIR and we are pleased to welcome a number of partners who share our values.


ALS recognises and supports the importance of developing literacy across all ages and demographic groups in Australia. Beyond our commercial interest in supplying books to libraries, ALS has invested itself into groups such as the Little Big Book Club and the Indigenous Literacy Foundation as well as ALIA and the ABA. ALS also supports the aims of the ALIA FAIR campaign to ensure freedom of access to information for all Australians, and in particular the need for government of all jurisdictions to effectively fund libraries at school, public and tertiary levels.



Blue Shield Australia

Blue Shield, the cultural equivalent of the Red Cross, is an international committee, working to protect the world's cultural heritage threatened by armed conflict and natural disasters. We welcome FAIR’s advocacy for ongoing access to cultural heritage and its support for disaster-hit Vanuatu.



From where we sit, we hear a lot of librarians are expected to do more and more with less and less, as there is a constant squeeze on budgets and questioning of return on investment. We help to support libraries in achieving their goals, and we support the aim of FAIR to secure ongoing investment in libraries. They are vitally important to the ongoing development of Australia, its communities, businesses, education and arts.





The Queensland School Library Association supports regional and city-based school libraries. Our members are doing amazing work promoting the joy of reading, research skills, student well-being and a million other things!  When budgets are tight, though, school libraries and teacher librarians are an easy target.  QSLA supports the FAIR campaign. It’s a matter of social justice that all students in Queensland and Australia experience a well-resourced school library managed by qualified staff. 



Since our founding in 1965, SAGE has held the core belief that a healthy society is created by healthy minds and healthy cultures. SAGE proactively works with its global partners to ensure that wide access is achievable to a broad range of high quality research within books, journals and pedagogical products across humanities, social science, science medical, technological and engineering disciplines.

SAGE is a proud partner of the ALIA FAIR campaign, sharing its mission to ensure freedom of access to information for all those within Australia, supporting our scholarly community with access to the research and products that best suits their academic needs.

As with ALIA where SAGE is pleased to be a partner supporting ALIA other initiatives.



School Library Association of NSW

We need to ensure that the wider public understands and values the role that libraries, librarians and within schools, teacher librarians play; the cost-effectiveness of having qualified library staff to enhance the programs that our customers want, free access to resources and information, free literacy programs, more interactive learning experience, online services and of course, improved learning outcomes for students in schools.  

Under the Local Schools Local Decisions initiative by the NSW Department of Education and Communities, the role of teacher librarian is under threat. Experienced teacher librarians who have retired after long and passionate service to their staff and students are not being replaced. Within the independent sector, the context, pressures and threats are similar. A recent Softlink survey showed that 81% of all school library budgets either remained unchanged or declined in 2013 and our survey suggested that the morale of teacher librarians is at an all-time low. We need greater visibility and advocacy and that's why we support FAIR.



VALA's core interests are open access, IT, freedom of access, copyright, digital privacy.