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Library and information professionals have always connected people with information and ideas but money is tight and many libraries are finding it tough.

There are more than 10 million people in Australia who use library and information services. If you are one of them, please join us and show your support.

10 ways you can help 

Thanks so much for your support and we know you want to help FAIR. Help us build our numbers and inpsire more people to participate.

You may be interested in The Library and Information Agenda — a document which summarises some of the lobbying positions for which the Australian Library and Information Association advocates.

The Agenda has four themes and ten items which ALIA believes are essential for promoting literacy, enabling citizens to be well-informed, supporting socially inclusive communities and contributing to the success of Australia as a knowledge-based economy. Many of these issues overlap with the FAIR issues.

In the meantime, here 10 ways you can help:

1) Stay in the loop

Sign up for our newsletter and get all the latest FAIR news on the issues that matter. Just by subscribing to our newsletter and email alert, you will be giving us the critical mass we need to have an impact on decision-makers. We will be in touch to let you know what is happening in libraries. Where there is good news; where there is bad news; and where we need your help. Subscribing online is completely free. We will not give your details to any third party and you can unsubscribe at any time. Read our privacy policy. If you prefer to receive the print copy of our newsletter, you simply need to provide us with your name and address. Postage and printing adds to our costs and we would welcome a donation of $15 to cover the yearly expense.

2) Follow us on Twitter

Get all the FAIR tweets to get the news first. Help share the news across Twitter by tweeting about FAIR and re-tweeting FAIR tweets to your followers.

3) Like us on Facebook

We'll be posting FAIR news to our Facebook page, so you can read the latest. Share your thoughts about FAIR and the FAIR issues by writing about it on Facebook.

4) Love our logo

Incorporate the FAIR logo into your own design or project. Loving your design? Share a photo with us.

5) Wear FAIR

Show us some FAIR fashion by purchasing a FAIR t-shirt from our store.

6) Talk about FAIR

Searching for water cooler conversation? Share the latest FAIR news with your friends and colleagues by changing the conversation on important issues and introducing new ideas.

7) Drink FAIR

Show your support by sipping your morning cuppa from a FAIR mug.

8) Badge on

Did you go to the ALIA Information Online 2015 Conference and get a FAIR badge in your satchel? Wear it with pride or order one here.

9) Share your story

If you have an issue that you want FAIR to know about — let us know. Testimonials are always useful - if you would like to tell us about your great library or a library hero who has inspired you, please let us know. 

10) Give to the cause

If you have any spare change, you can donate to help us lobby on important FAIR issues. By making a donation you will help us to carry on the work of advocating for Australian libraries and all the values around freedom of information, books and reading for all.


You have an important role to play in the FAIR movement. Just by taking a small step and walking together, we can achieve change to make a better future.