Gingerbread nuts

Where is it from?

Recipe book of Lady Mary T. Mitchell from the State Library of NSW. (Ref: C 83)

What’s the story?

The cover of this handwritten recipe book is inscribed ‘Mrs Mitchell / 1827 / Recipes’, and dated 22 May 1827; Mary Thomson Mitchell, nee Blunt, (ca. 1800-1883) was the wife of Sir Thomas Mitchell. The recipe book was bequeathed to the Library in 1907, as part of the Mitchell Library's foundation collection, by 19th century Australian bibliophile, David Scott Mitchell.

Let’s make it  

2lbs of flour, ½ lb of butter, ditto of brown sugar, 3 quarts of [golden] syrup, ½ a nutmeg and 1 oz of grated ginger, mix all well together, knead it with your hands thoroughly then roll it up in little nuts and bake it upon tin sheets.


C 83 : Mrs Mitchell's recipes, 1827 [Contents]Handwritten recipes; index on first page.