Great School Libraries - 24 hours to go

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Are you inspired by your school library?

Stay tuned – 24 hours to go before we launch our Great School Libraries campaign...

What is it? Well we’re looking for great school libraries across Australia. 

Teacher librarians and school library professionals inspire their student every day of the term and we want to recognise the important services they provide to the school community.

FAIR is partnering with the Australian Library and Information Association, ALIA Schools, Australian School Library Association, Queensland School Library Association, School Library Association of NSW, School Library Association of South Australia, School Library Association of Victoria and the Western Australian School Library Association to seek out these inspirational places of learning and discovery.

We’re seeking libraries that help children and young people find reliable information; use the information effectively; think critically; make informed decisions; work productively with others; build knowledge and understanding of the world; safely navigate the internet; communicate and share their ideas; and find great reads to meet personal interests and abilities.

Just one nomination will put the library in the running to be named one of Australia's great school libraries, but the more nominations the better. 

More news to come tomorrow!