Jackie French supports Great School Libraries

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Best-selling author of more than 170 children's books, Jackie French, is this year's Children's Laureate and she's supporting our campaign! 

Jackie says:

'A library is the heart of a school, where the right book is given at the right time to exactly the right kid, and their future blossoms.

'There are good schools where the syllabus is taught. And then there are brilliant schools with teacher librarians, where kids are shown the small pocket universes that we call books -  books can be a refuge and a friend, as well as education or inspiration.
'You can ALWAYS tell when you go to a school if they have a teacher librarian. The kids bounce just a little bit more, for they have the friends, the small pocket universes, that we call books.
'Teacher librarians are ones of the world’s great endangered species. Lose them, and our children will be poorer. Our future will be less, too.
'A teacher librarian is the heart of a school. They are so often the flame that lights a child’s life. Yet unless you know their work you may not know how vital they are.' 

Jackie is using her year as Children's Laureate to advocate for the right for every child to be guided to the books they’ll love; wider support, both in person and financially, of literacy and library projects for young people; and the children’s literature industry to be seen as a vital part of Australia’s economy. 

Photo credit: Kelly Sturgiss