Mustard (for profit by easy deception)

Where is it from?

'The life of convict for twenty eight years', ca. 1840, from the State Library of NSW. (B 1096)

What’s the story?

This recipe is included in a manuscript volume written by an unknown author in England, ca. 1840, which describes the life of a convict, G.W. [George Watson], among other subjects. It was bequeathed to the Library, as part of the Mitchell Library's foundation collection, by 19th century Australian bibliophile, David Scott Mitchell, in 1907.

Let’s make it  

To make mustard. When you have hawkers for customers and they are in want of a cheap article for selling in the country. Take a quantity of mustard such as been long in hand this mixed with yellow ochre and flour makes a very superior sort of mustard and which takes in the country amazingly and it will  [make] for a very excellent profit and as long as no one knows what it is composed of you may continue the innocent deception.


B 1096 : 'The life of a convict for twenty eight years', ca. 1840, included are recipes for making various food products and condiments (such as white pepper, mustard, ginger, and treacle).