Orange Salad (from chef at Claridge’s London)

Where is it from?

Lala Fisher diary, 1916-1917, from the State Library of NSW. (Ref: MLMSS 7750)

What’s the story?

This recipe comes from the diary of Lala Fisher (1872-1929), Queensland-born proprietor of the Theatre magazine (1908-18), kept from January to October 1916. It was presented to the Library by J. T. Martin in 2007.

Let’s make it  

Peel the oranges. Quarter them and turn parts inside out with flesh outwards. Season with 1 teaspoonful of brandy, chopped tarragon or tarragon vinegar, chervil & a teaspoonful of castor sugar. Serve with wild duck.


MLMSS 7750 : Lala Fisher diary 1916-1917: with many cooking recipes included.