Oyster Patties

Where is it from?

The '​Lockyersleigh’ Common Place Book, or scrapbook, from the State Library of NSW. (MLMSS 5697/Box 06/ item 24)


What’s the story?

This Common Place Book was compiled at '​Lockyersleigh’, the estate of Edmund Lockyer, near Marulan, NSW, between 1827 and 1843. It includes letters, supply lists and miscellaneous recipes by various contributors which are largely un-authored. Copyright was not transferred when this item was acquired with the Lockyer family papers, 1772-1977, which were purchased from Mr Nick Lockyer in 1992.

Let’s make it  

Put a fine puff paste into small patty pans, and cover the paste with a bit of bread in each to keep them hollow while the bake; and once they are baked have ready the following to fill with. Take the beards off the oysters, cut the other parts in small bits, put them in a small strainer over a saucepan to drain, combine with a grate of nutmeg, the least white pepper and salt, a morsel of lemon peel cut so small that you can scarcely see it, a little cream and a little of the liquor from the oyster shell.  Simmer for a few minutes before you fill the baked cases.