Portfolio of Great School Libraries

Wednesday, 28 October 2015

As nominations have been flowing in, students, teachers, librarians and supporters of school libraries have been sending us some great photos, videos and other artwork.

We will be adding to this compilation as the contributions are sent to us.

Check out some of the great things that are happening in school library land. Materials are uploaded as they are supplied to FAIR.

We have sought permission to publish these photos, videos etc.


Hoxton Park High School Library, NSW 

Hoxton Park High School School Library - looks like the students are doing lots of study!

Our Lady's College in Annerley, Queensland

The Readers Cup team with teacher librarian Maureen Twomey; the Year 8 Book Week character parade crayons; science teacher and Thunderbird Graham Tilbury; students with authors Christine Bongers and Isobelle Carmody

Marian College, West Victoria 

Here's the Book Week Collage, the Book Week group photo and Csilla (Big Eyes), the library technician who was a student at the school and is now employed at the school!

Allenstown State School, Queensland

Right to left: Teacher Librarian Tanya Gill, Teacher Aides Jenny Smith and Karen Latham are the book fairies.

Avondale School, Cooranbong, NSW

Wow another fantastic school library - love the mural!

Mount Carmel College, Tasmania

Gabrielle Wang was the special guest during Book Week

St Joseph's Catholic College

Lunchtime coding club, popular fiction genres, welcoming fiction section and students presenting their inquiry unit on the Wonder of Water.


McCallum's Hill Public School

Bulldog players visit for Book Week; staff dress up for Book Week; igloo in the library; Lego Wall makerspace is extremely popular, and there are lots of other activities.

Here are some great artwork and stories from the students too!

Bribie Island State School

The library; student fressed for Book Week celebrations; students reading in the library and Mrs Aczel (Head of Curriculum and Library Manager) with Pre Prep student during transition activities.

Chisholm Catholic College

Some lovely photos from the Chisholm Catholic College.

St Patrick's College Launceston

Lovely photos from St Patrick's College in Launceston.

The Glennie School Junior Years Library

Fun pictures from Glennie School Junior Years Library.

Siena College, Camberwell

Sienne College just completed a refurbishment project earlier this year and their students and staff love their new space.

Cerdon College Library

Here are some lovely photos of the Cerdon College Library.

St Joseph's Catholic High School Albion Park

Penrhos Library

The library has many areas including a reading area, research area and sound proof rooms.

Weir State School Kirwan QLD

View some of the beautiful student art and writings about their library.

Ivanhoe Grammar School

Night of Notables event

Hunter Valley Grammar School

Some pictures from Family Reading Month, Parent Volunteer at Book Club sorting, HVGS Second Hand Book Sale and more.

St Helena Secondary College

Methodist Ladies College WA

Santa Maria College

Gin Gin State High School

St Mary's Primary School

Students enjoying the library space.

St Margaret Mary's, Merrylands

Caddies Creek Public School, NSW

Tenison Woods College SA

Warners Bay High School

Thirlmere Public School, NSW


Trinity Grammar's Arthur Holt Library in Summer Hill, NSW - here's their video about collaborative learning spaces. 

Tour the library at Our Lady's College in Annerley, Queensland.  

St Raphael's School in Parkside, South Australia, has a library called The Loft. The Lego Club takes place at The Loft every Thursday at lunch and here's the video of this favourite pastime.

A typical morning in MacKillop Library at St Joseph's Catholic College NSW.

Penrhos Library has many areas including a reading area, research area and sound proof rooms.

Ivanhoe Grammar Library - here's their video on Animoto.

The Kilvington Library Lounge Room video.


Resurrection House

'My School Library' by a student

A room full of shelves, all filled to the brim Of doorways where you escape at a whim.

Each book a doorway to a different land, Where you might join the poor, the rich or the grand.

At first glance, the doors are all tightly closed, But pick up a book to leave a doorway exposed.

Step into a wonderland where you might discover New people - a friend, a sister, a brother.

And if you get tired of one story, you see Just pick up another book, where you can be Whatever you please, the choice is all yours In these mystical lands there are simply no laws.

Each book gives you freedom to do the unthinkable Your book is your sword - you'll be unsinkable.

If you wander around all the rooms in our schook You will no doubt agree, the library's our jewel.

Manga-inspired drawings

Clancy Catholic College - Drawing by a student.

Great things people are saying about school libraries

Jackie French 

Photo credit: Kelly Sturgiss
Best-selling author of more than 170 children's books, Jackie French, is this year's Children's Laureate and she's supporting our campaign! 
Jackie says:
'A library is the heart of a school, where the right book is given at the right time to exactly the right kid, and their future blossoms.
'There are good schools where the syllabus is taught. And then there are brilliant schools with teacher librarians, where kids are shown the small pocket universes that we call books -  books can be a refuge and a friend, as well as education or inspiration.
'You can ALWAYS tell when you go to a school if they have a teacher librarian. The kids bounce just a little bit more, for they have the friends, the small pocket universes, that we call books.
'Teacher librarians are ones of the world’s great endangered species. Lose them, and our children will be poorer. Our future will be less, too.
'A teacher librarian is the heart of a school. They are so often the flame that lights a child’s life. Yet unless you know their work you may not know how vital they are.' 
Jackie is using her year as Children's Laureate to advocate for the right for every child to be guided to the books they’ll love; wider support, both in person and financially, of literacy and library projects for young people; and the children’s literature industry to be seen as a vital part of Australia’s economy. 

Michelle Green, Chief Executive of Independent Schools Victoria 

'A library is the heart of a great school. It's central to teaching and learning. It¹s a place of discovery, recreation and refuge, where students can learn for themselves, where the enduring value of books is enhanced by the limitless expanses of online knowledge.'