Re-write your story

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

The Office of the children's eSafety Commissioner has launched another initiative to combat cyberbullying.

It's called Rewrite Your Story (RYS) short film 'Conor'.

RYS is a youth-focussed program which explores cyberbullying and features real-life cyberbullying stories, alongside advice and support about how to handle it. The program also provides detailed, and essential, information about how to report serious cyberbullying to the Office when required.

Rewrite Your Story is designed to empower young people to be courageous in the face of cyberbullying, guide them when they need, and help them to support their friends.

The Rewrite Your Story program includes:

·         a fresh, youth-focussed website at which features the work of talented young artists, writers and creatives, as well as experienced professionals

·         conversation-starter videos looking at cyberbullying and its impact

·         useful teaching resources

·         a set of visually engaging posters suitable for libraries, classrooms or common areas

·         an innovative tool that walks young people through the situation they are experiencing and directs them to relevant resources, including how to report serious cyberbullying.


Check it out!