State Library of Western Australia - impact of WA Budget

Friday, 15 May 2015

We’ve been waiting for the WA Budget to see the results for the State Library of Western Australia.

Remember in March we asked you to email John Day, the WA Minister for Culture and the Arts, and protest about any cuts that could lead to public library closures.

Well, it’s not good news. Yesterday the State Government slashed 8% from the library’s budget, compared to last year’s funding. We’re disappointed by this, especially as the Minister told us:

'The Government does not support any measures that would result in the closure of public libraries or a reduction in front line service delivery.’

Thanks again for sending emails to the Minister. Without your support the budget cut could have been even more savage.

The problem is that year after year libraries are expected to produce efficiency dividends – otherwise known as budget cuts. At some point, there will be no fat on the bone to cut without losing services or staff.

We’ll continue to monitor the situation and we’ll report back when we know how the State Library will be swallowing the cut.