Great Australian school libraries

Nominate your school library

We're looking for Australia's great school libraries, the kind that help children and young people learn how to:

  • Find reliable information
  • Use the information effectively
  • Think critically
  • Make informed decisions
  • Work productively with others
  • Build knowledge and understanding of the world
  • Safely navigate the internet
  • Communicate and share their ideas
  • Find 'great reads' to meet personal interests and abilities

We're looking for libraries that encourage independence, reading for pleasure and play a major part in young people’s academic achievement. There are lots of great library buildings, but it's what happens inside that we're interested in.

We will be celebrating great school libraries at the start of 2016. Make sure your school library has the opportunity to shine.

Nominate your school library

How it works

Anyone can nominate a school library. The information we need is very simple:

  • Name and address of the school
  • Name and contact details for the nominator, school library and principal

We also ask the nominator to confirm:

  • YES There is a qualified teacher librarian managing the library
  • YES The library is open whenever the school is open
  • YES Students learn information skills in the school library
  • YES Students can borrow the resources they need, when they need them
  • YES There aren’t long waiting lists for popular fiction
  • YES There’s more than enough space for a whole class to fit into the library
  • YES There is high speed access to the internet
  • YES Students are encouraged to use online electronic resources, not just Google
  • YES There are special activities eg for Book Week, the Premier’s Reading Challenge
  • YES Students, parents and teachers think the library is ‘awesome’

Nominations are by email - just click on the link and an email will be generated automatically. Or you can print off this form and return it to FAIR, c/o ALIA, PO Box 6335, Kingston, ACT 2604.

All nominations must be received by Friday 11 December 2015.  

Just one nomination puts you in the running to be named one of Australia's great school libraries, but the more nominations the better.

There is no first prize - the achievements of every school library that is nominated and endorsed by our panel of school library experts will be celebrated equally.

Celebrating Australia's great school libraries

We will be naming Australia's great school libraries in Australian Teacher Magazine at the start of 2016. Principals will receive a certificate of achievement and we will be advising the Department of Education. There will be local events and opportunities for media coverage to highlight the important role played by school libraries.

Promote the campaign to find the great Australian school libraries

  • Encourage your school community to nominate your school library.
  • Use this media release in your school newsletter.
  • Display this poster.
  • Post to our facebook page or tweet using our hashtag #greatschoollibraries.
  • Be creative - nominations can be supported by students' artwork, letters, photos, poems, songs - anything that celebrates the library.

Campaign partners

The search for the great Australian school libraries is an initiative of the Australian School Library Coalition. Partners include:

  • Australian Library and Information Association
  • Australian School Library Association
  • Queensland School Library Association
  • School Library Association of NSW
  • School Library Association of South Australia
  • School Library Association of Victoria 
  • WA School Library Association