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Wednesday, 2 December 2015



Monday 19 October 2015: Teacher Librarians and school library professionals inspire students every day of the term .... we want to recognise these amazing school libraries and the important services they provide to our school communities.

FAIR (Freedom of Access to Information and Resources) has joined with The Australian Library and Information Association, ALIA Schools, Australian School Library Association, Queensland School Library Association, School Library Association of NSW, School Library Association of South Australia, School Library Association of Victoria and the Western Australian School Library Association to seek out these inspirational places of learning and discovery.

Sue McKerracher, a spokesperson for FAIR, said: ‘We will be looking for libraries that help children and young people find reliable information; use the information effectively; think critically; make informed decisions; work productively with others; build knowledge and understanding of the world; safely navigate the internet; communicate and share their ideas; and find great reads to meet personal interests and abilities.’

‘We campaign for qualified library staff in schools. In some schools, students have a head start thanks to the principal's willingness to invest in a well staffed, well funded school library.’

‘In others, while parents may not realise it, their children are disadvantaged because of the lack of qualified staff and/or insufficient funds to provide adequate services.’

We will be asking people to nominate school libraries that meet the criteria. We’ve made it easy – just fill in a form online or print it to nominate your school library and have three quotes that tell us why your school library is great. 

Just one nomination will put the library in the running to be named one of Australia's great school libraries, but the more nominations the better. There will be no first prize - the achievements of every school library that is nominated and endorsed by our panel of school library experts will be celebrated equally.

We will be celebrating Australia's Great School Libraries by listing them in an advertisement in a leading education magazine in the first term of next year. Plus, principals will receive a joint letter from Australian School Library Associations and certificate of achievement for their school, and we will be advising State and Territory Departments of Education about the great school libraries in their jurisdiction.

Ms McKerracher said:  ‘We encourage your school community to nominate your school library and take part in the activities around the campaign. Nominations can be supported by students' artwork, letters, photos, poems, songs - anything that celebrates the library. Join in the social media fun by using the hashtag, #GreatSchoolLibraries, and tell us how you think the library is improving the students’ learning experiences at your school.’

Nominations will close on 18 December 2015 and the list of Great School Libraries will be published during first term 2016.



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FAIR stands for Freedom of Access to Information and Resources. The Australian Library and Information Association (ALIA) created FAIR to give people a way to support all kinds of libraries. FAIR lobbies for well-funded libraries, copyright law reform, the digitisation of our history, evidence-based policy making, lifelong learning and qualified library staff in schools. FAIR was created by ALIA to bring together all of its advocacy work.




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