School Biscuits and Cupcake

Where are they from?

The State Library of South Australia sent us some wonderful examples of handwritten recipes from its manuscript collection:

Recipe book belonging to Mrs. A. Murray - PRG 11/7/13

Elizabeth Fleetwood’s recipe book, 1775 - D 5991(Misc)

Recipe books containing recipes collected by Mrs. A. Liersch, circa 1930 – D 7774(Misc)

Recipe book compiled by C.I. Sandoz, dated from 18/2/1908 – D 7526(Misc)

Recipe book presumed to have been compiled by Mrs. Earl, n.d. - D 7166(Misc)

We chose two of the recipes selected by Prue McDonald and Jenny Scott and photographed by Jenny Scott for our Cooking for Copyright campaign.

School Biscuits from Mrs A Liersch 


1lb butter

2lb sugar

6 eggs

1 pint milk

4lb flour

5 teaspoonful baking powder

Cupcake from Mrs A Murray 


3 cups flour

1.75 cups sugar

1 cup milk

0.5lb butter

4 eggs

2 teaspoonfuls cream of tartar

1 teaspoonful soda


Mix the butter, sugar and eggs well together, add the milk into which the soda has been well mixed, mix the cream of tartar with the flour. Then stir flour into the mixture, bake in a shallow dish for 35 minutes in a quick oven.