State Library of Victoria recipes

Where are they from?

The La Trobe Australian Manuscripts Collection at the State Library of Victoria

What's the story?  

In this 1992 publication, the State Library of Victoria brought together household hints, remedies and recipes from some of the manuscripts in its collection in a booklet entitled 'Untried but true'. The State Library of Victoria has a wealth of other resources and the following recipes have been transcribed from different sources.

Let's make them

From the notebook of Thomas Lyons (1851). 

Mint Julep

Put into a tumbler about a dozen sprigs of the tender shoots of mint upon them put a spoonfull of white sugar & equal proportion of peach & common brandy so as to fill it up 1 third then take [something] or pounded ice to fill up the tumbler. Drink as the ice dissolved.

From a manuscript (c1900-1910) - handwritten recipe book with some recipes from newspapers taped in. Also includes remedies such as cough mixture. It is impossible to be certain about the date as, like many personal recipe books, it was probably added to over time. The compiler is unknown.

May’s Victoria Sandwich

Beat 3 eggs well. Add small ½ cup sugar. Beat well add small cup flour with small 1 teas tartar - lastly ½ soda in little cold water.

Ag’s Coconut Biscuits

Good tables melted butter. Small ½ cup sugar. 1 egg. 2 handsful cocoanut. ½ tartar & ¼ soda in 1 good cup flour. Tables milk. roll in little balls. Bake quickly.

From the Clendinning-Rede papers (1853-1930) - comprises correspondence and papers of Mrs Martha Jane Clendinning, George Clendinning, (Geraldine) Margaret Clendinning (Mrs Robert Rede), Robert Rede and Roger L'E. M. Rede (son of Robert and Margaret Rede). Includes licences regarding mining and business in Ballarat, personal correspondence, newspaper clippings, recollections and papers relating to military service of Robert Rede, totalling 330 pages. 

Oat cakes

1 lb ordinary oat meal mixed with 1 cup boiling water in which ½ oz butter has been melted. Mix well together & roll out very thin. Bake in fairly hot oven.

Snow Pudding

2 tablespoons of cornflour or maizena, 1 cup sugar 2 lemons. 2 eggs,1 pint of water.

Boil sugar, water, rind of lemon together for a few mins, mix maizena with a little water & stir in - boil for a few mins, beat whites of egg to a stiff froth & gradually add to the mixture lastly the juice of lemons. Pour into wet mould & let set.