Truth Integrity Knowledge

The Truth, Integrity, Knowledge (TIK) campaign is running throughout 2019. The campaign focuses on why librarianship is one of the most trusted professions in Australia and how people working in libraries (whether LIS qualified or from another discipline) promote the free flow of information and ideas in the interests of all Australians. It will remind people that, in a society driven by fake news and the 24-hour media cycle, they can rely on libraries for quality information. 

A new ’10 ways’ poster, 10 ways that library and information professionals promote truth, integrity and knowledge, has been created. Through 2019, 10 guest bloggers from the library and information profession are writing articles for the campaign on the FAIR website to highlight how and why their chosen ideal is so important to library and information professionals holding the integrity to provide truthful knowledge to users.

We also encourage you to share your thoughts and opinions on the matter and encourage you to talk about the campaign on social media using #ALIATIK and you can always email any thoughts you have to ALIA to (

ALIA has created a series of topical fact sheets on key issues. ALIA Members were encouraged to take our survey and tell us what you would like featured. The  survey closesd 12:00pm AEDT 4 February 2019. 

You can read more about the segments of the campaign by visiting the blog posts below: